MOGOYA Consulting

MOGOYA Consulting is a multifaceted agency that combines Recruitment and Career Management services.
Mogoya is a word in Bambara (a West African language) that means the value given to human-ness.
Whether we are dealing with recruitment or career management the stakes are the same. It is absolutely fundamental to build a relationship based on trust and to actually care about the people we are dealing with.

At Mogoya Consulting we put people at the heart of each of our activities.

A word from the founder

My common thread is mostly about my relationship with people and how important they are to me. I believe that being raised and educated between 3 countries and 2 continents has probably something to do with that as much as the set of values that were passed on to me.
My curiosity and openness to others have led me to grab every opportunity that presented itself to explore the world. From my trips I take away many valuable lessons and philosophies such as the concept of Ikigai. Each encounter, every new connection that I formed with strangers that have become dear friends have made me realize that human-ness is both the source and the key to every success.
By bringing together the recruitment and career management activities our goal is to offer a comprehensive service that puts the emphasis on the link between projects and people.